Monday, January 17, 2011

Why is it Cold in Metro Manila?

Recently Metro Manila has been experiencing unusual cold weather even during the afternoons. My friend and I were on fieldwork earlier at The Fort Global City Taguig and the wind was generally strong blowing a cold breeze to everyone. It was a nice experience for me because I love cold weather (not too cold though) just like in Baguio, Tagaytay, Caliraya and other elevated areas. Not all people want this kind of weather and my wife has been constantly saying its too cold during nights and early mornings.

I love cold weather because I would rather have this kind than experience scorching heat during summer. My work is in sales and I go out of the office almost everyday and even if I ride an air conditioned vehicle, most of the time, the heat is too much that it becomes unbearable and makes you sick. People get tired easily and most of us gets dehydrated. But during cold weather, we can wear protection like sweaters, jackets and hats which most of the time looks good on us.

The reason why we still experience cold weather is because of the combined effect of Northeast Monsoon (AMIHAN) and Tail-end of a cold front over the whole country ( Temperature ranges from 22 -28 degrees Celsius which is generally low compared to summer months.

Hopefully we still experience cool weather before summer starts and we don't experience extremely hot weather during summer just like last year. Hopefully we get a couple of rains once in a while to help fill Angat Dam so we won't have water shortage during summer. So I advise people who complain about the cold weather is to enjoy it while it lasts because summer heat is just around the corner.

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I-Love-Hate-America.Com said...

Hehehe...don't take it against me....but 20 degrees Celsius is not cold . Eto ang hinahanap kong temperature everytime autumn/winter comes. Even 18 degrees is not cold.
In the part where I live in the US, we always welcome the hot weather with enthusiasm which rarely comes anyway.