Saturday, January 8, 2011

Very Proud To Be Leon's Dad

Last December 28, 2010, Rotary Club of Midtown Diliman had its Christmas Party at a restaurant in Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Rotary members were present together with their wives and children had dinner, exchanged gifts, listened to a live band and sang songs the whole night. Leon, as his usual self was never shy and made friends with the other children. He was particularly interested with the musical instruments on the stage and while the band members were not there yet, he tried the keyboard and the drums. It was his second time to experience playing the keyboards but his interest shifted to the drum set. Without drum sticks on sight, he tried hitting the drums with his hands and he enjoyed it. The Bass drum (biggest and located at the center) can be hit when you step on a pedal and the hi-hat cymbals can also be sounded with a step on another pedal. Leon needs to stand to step on both pedals but he does not hit them at the same time of hit them repeatedly. He makes it a point to hit them one at a time after tapping the other drums (snare, high and floor tom-tom). People (even the adults) began noticing him and a number of them told us he was a talented young boy and we should consider sending him to a music school.

When the two band members arrived (keyboards and bass guitar) and played a couple of songs, Leon could not help himself and he joined the band by being the drummer. My wife and I started to refrain him, thinking he might disrupt the band, but without the sticks, we figured it was ok. Rotary members began singing and Leon also began hitting the drums. His timing was almost perfect! My wife and I could not help ourselves from laughing and giggling because our kid was so good considering it was his first time to see and actually touch a drum set. The bass guitarist also noticed him and he said something to Leon in between songs (it was like two band members talking about the next set of songs) and the guitarist told the audience that Leon was asking him if he had sticks for the drums. Everyone roared with laughter and this even made us prouder. I had almost tears on my eyes because I did not imagine my kid being such a talented boy at the age of 3.

After a stint with the drums, during the band breaks, he grabbed the microphone from the stand and began singing the alphabet. He finished it and people were clapping their hands. It was such a nice Christmas party and when we began saying good nights and good bye to everyone, almost all of them told us that we have a very talented kid. Leon was such a wonderful gift from God and we thank Him everyday for being blessed to be chosen as Leon's parents. That Christmas party was one of my most memorable one and I am sure that one day, I will be telling Leon a story (even when He becomes an adult) about a young boy who made his parents very proud of him.

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hahai.ponce said...

I'm equally proud to be Leon's mom :D

We're lucky to have him as our son, definitely a wonderful gift from God. And there's Maia too!