Monday, March 1, 2010

It's My Son's 3rd Birthday

Tomorrow, March 2, will be my son, Leon's birthday. We will celebrate his birthday but it will be a simple celebration. I'll cook pasta at home, buy ice cream and my wife will buy the cake. We are so thankful to God that for the past 3 years, our son is always healthy and is always cheerful and obedient. We love our son very much and he always brings out the best out of us.

Leon is turning 3 and he will learn more things this year. Nowadays, he is always into puzzles and my wife and i are so amazed on how he quickly learns to put the pieces together. Even when we mix 2-3 sets of puzzle pieces together, he knows which pieces are related to each other. In fact my wife bought him probably 5-6 different sets and he already outgrown them. We are now looking for 100-150 pieces but we have not had a chance to buy one from bookstores and shopping malls. We bought a 500 piece puzzle but it is too complicated for him. Honestly, it is also too complicated for me...:).

I am planning to buy a Lego set for him. This toy has been with us for years. I remember when i was a kid and i built all sorts of vehicles from my small Lego sets. Hopefully i can find an affordable set for my son because Lego sets are a bit expensive. Lego may be too old school but i can't find any other toy that would develop a child's creativity through building blocks as flexible as Lego.

My wife is also planning to buy him a bike. His only bike was the prize we got from his baptism and the bike is way too small for him now. Still, he oftentimes play with it during mornings. I am sure, when he gets a bigger bike, he will ask us to go to the nearest park so he can maximize the space he has to ride his bike.

I love being with my family and i enjoy every minute of it. I am even more excited now because my wife is scheduled to give birth to our second child this April. She had her ultrasound 2 months ago but we refused to know if it is a boy or a girl, same thing we did with Leon. We just love it when everybody is guessing the sex of the baby and i love it when my wife gives birth, i will be the first to tell everybody if our child is a he or a she. Our family is truly blessed and I thank God for everything that He gave us.