Wednesday, June 30, 2010

President Noynoy Aquino Inauguration

Today is President-Elect Noynoy Aquino's inauguration. Hopefully everything turns out well. Judging by the images shown at our local tv outfits, the crowd at Luneta grandstand is overwhelming. I don't remember such a big crowd attending an inauguration of a new president except during Gloria Arroyo's time at the EDSA shrine at Ortigas Center, Pasig City, nine years ago when former President Joseph Estrada voluntarily stepped down from the office amid allegations of massive corruption and abuse of power.

I still remember when Gloria Arroyo took her oath and promised the Filipino people to do a good job. Almost everyone wished the nation will be lead by a president who will not follow her predecessor's footsteps and will be a better example for us all. After nine years of her leadership, you can ask any ordinary Filipino citizen how she did her job and almost everyone will say that she definitely failed. In spite of all the reports that the country's economy improved and GNP percentage increased, poverty, graft and corruption is still very much visible everywhere. Is it not possible for a president to turn around a third world country from poverty and corruption to an improving country? Has the Philippines been so deep in troubles that moving forward is such an impossible task? Is there really a genuine hope for change?

The president may have the biggest influence in turning the country around but it is still up to every Filipino or Juan to make a change and move the country forward. Are Filipinos ready and willing to change? Can we leave our bad habits behind and start a new life of hope? Are we ready to rely on ourselves and stop expecting our government to do the job for us? Do we really want change?

The answer is very simple. All we need is responsibility for ourselves. Stop expecting government to provide jobs because it is up to us to look for jobs. Stop expecting the government to give free education and start working hard to afford a good education for our children. Stop expecting government to clean our rivers and canals and start disposing our garbage properly. Stop expecting government to reforest our mountains and plant trees ourselves. Stop expecting government to provide free medications and hospitalization and start working hard to afford good health benefits. Stop buying foreign products and start buying Filipino made. Stop expecting the police and MMDA to fix the traffic and start being a responsible driver. Stop expecting the government to provide free homes and work hard to afford good quality homes. Stop greediness in earning more in businesses and start giving employees good compensation and benefits. Stop living an extravagant lifestyle and start being simple and basic. Are we really ready to change our old ways? Or are we still leaving everything to Noynoy to change and blame him if we do not experience a better future?

Every Filipino is responsible for change. The government can only lead but everyone should be a good follower. Change is constant and change for the better is possible. Bottom line is it is really up to us.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

LA Lakers NBA 2010 Champions

Congratulations to Kobe Bryant and the rest of the LA Lakers team for this year's championship. The team showed mental and physical toughness to beat the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of this years Finals. Although I am not a Kobe fan, it is still fun to watch the two teams play hard with each other and give their best for the final game this season. Kobe's fifth ring and Phil Jackson's 11th championship proves that they are indeed exceptional and future Hall of Famers for the Lakers franchise.

I also give full credit to Boston for extending the series to a 7th game where I predicted that the Lakers will win in 5 or 6 games. I was disappointed for Boston's loss since I am a Garnett fan but it was entertaining to watch Boston beat Cleveland and Orlando to meet LA. It is a shame that Boston will not be the same anymore by next season since coach Doc Rivers future with the team is uncertain. Ray Allen will join the free agent and Rasheed Wallace will retire. Anyway, Boston needs new faces and young players to complement or substitute the veterans such as Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Rajon Rondo definitely needs more young legs to complement his speed and precision and to match young NBA teams who will definitely playoffs contender next season.

The NBA Finals is over and the whole world is now watching the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The world cup is the most watched sport in the whole world and I remember last World Cup where even F1 drivers were watching the match during their rest periods of the F1 race. One driver even said that Formula 1 racing is their work but football is their passion. Let us see which nations will qualify for the semifinals and the championship this year. Will Argentina, Brazil or Germany win this year or will there be a major upset among favorites? Let us just wait and see....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

NBA Finals 2010 Lakers VS Celtics

NBA 2010 Finals is just around the corner. Two great teams and franchises will meet again after 2 years and their renewed rivalry will be the most anticipated factor to this year's championship. It is not easy to forget how the Boston Celtics crushed Kobe's championship goal 2 years ago but the Lakers are a very different and focused team this year. Plus they have a score to settle. The news that the Lakers bus was humiliated at Boston after their last game was an added insult to injury the team experienced to the previous championship series. Kobe will definitely not let that happen again. A very determined Kobe Bryant, an improved Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum plus a revived career of Ron Artest shows how hungry the Lakers team for this championship. Does Boston have a chance? Here are a few insights:

1. It may probably the Boston's Big Three last finals appearance. Garnett is showing age, Ray Allen is looking for another trade and Paul Pierce is not that consistent anymore. The fire that kept them going is the awesome performance of Rajon Rondo which made him this year's team leader.
2. Boston has too much pride at stake. They knew they beat the Lakers before and they know they can beat them again.
3. Boston's reserves have championship experience. Coach Doc Rivers will use his bench to help his 5 starters contain the Lakers offense.
4. LA is too predictable on offense, they either go to Kobe or Gasol. Kobe is next to impossible to guard so put 2 defenders on him but concentrate more on Gasol and Odom. Once Gasol and Odom gets confidence plus Kobe's immaculate offense, Boston will definitely be in trouble.

Although I am a Boston fan, I think the Lakers will get their revenge. I have been a Garnett fan since he was a rookie and I hope he plays more consistent and use his power more often. He is an explosive player during his younger days and I know he still has it in him. Paul Pierce is a bit over rated but since he has been with the Celtics since the beginning of his career, and the constant comparison to Kobe, he should also show his best offense. Kobe's hunger and leadership is the heart of the Lakers team and if he displays his confidence and aggressiveness, his team mates will follow. The key to stopping Lakers is Gasol and Odom because Kobe alone can not lift the whole team by himself. He needs support and this is where Gasol and Odom falls in.