Monday, December 28, 2009

Plans for the year 2010

My wife and I have been anticipating this coming 2010 as one of our most productive years. First and foremost, looking back at 2009, we had several accomplishments and we really thank God for all the blessings he gave us. Thank God for our good health and opportunities that come in our way. Since 2010 will be within a few days, i will prepare a list of our plans, or let's say our prayer wishes so I can look back by December 2010 and analyze our achievement and blessings we received.

Here is a list of our plans and prayer wishes:

1. For my wife to have a safe and healthy delivery of our second child
2. To have our second baby baptized within a month or two after his or her birthday
3. To renovate our house bathroom
4. To renovate our kitchen and dining area
5. To finish car repairs specifically shock absorbers and other under chassis parts
6. To have our car's paint restored through rubbing
7. To buy car seat covers
8. To buy new car mats
9. To buy or repair our bed and add beds for our son and for the new baby
10. To get a decent salary increase
11. To earn from blogging and get a payout every month
12. To help my sister and her family look for a new house
13. To help my sister by a new van for her food business
14. To have a new watch
15. To have a new pair of sneakers
16. To increase our savings and start (again) to look for our own home
17. To start the application for a house loan through Pag-Ibig Fund
18. To look for a new nanny for our second child
19. To renew our exercise habit, walking and jogging around UP Diliman or Marikina Sports Complex
20. To teach my son how to ride a bike
21. To learn a new recipe to cook
22. To enroll my wife to a driving school and get her a new license
23. To help my wife fix our legal documents (marriage, birth, etc.)
24. To pay the land tax of my wife's parents' house
25. To buy new tiles for our house
26. To buy a new electric fan for our room
27. To pay at least half of my credit card balance
28. To learn internet SEO
29. To meet more internet and blogging friends
30. To donate more to our church and to Haribon Foundation
31. To increase our son's savings for his future
32. To help my wife's mom get the retirement pay of her late husband
33. To help my friends learn how to earn online
34. To buy our own camera
35. To have time to learn photography skills

It is a long list, but I know, and I believe with God's help, we will be able to accomplish most, if not all our plans and prayer wishes for the coming year. Hopefully everything will come out fine.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

My family and I celebrated Christmas this year at home together with my mom-in-law and brother-in-law. We attended the midnight mass and arrived at home an hour before midnight. I had enough time to cook the pasta sauce for our spaghetti and prepare other dishes for our Noche Buena. Everyone was very happy and excited. After dinner, it was time for the kids (my nieces) and my son to open their much anticipated gifts from their parents, relatives and friends.

My son enjoyed every minute opening his gifts. He particularly enjoyed receiving a new pair of Crocs sandals, 3 Transformers toy robots and several toy trucks and cars. I was really happy seeing him enjoy his gifts and my wife and I are really grateful to all our relatives and friends who gave gifts to my son. It was also nice seeing my nieces enjoy their new dresses and stuff toys given by their grandmom and their uncle.

My wife and I also decided to give a gift for ourselves this year, we got a new desktop so we can be active in blogging here at home compared to going out to internet cafes when we decide to write a post or visit our friends' sites. We also decided that it was time to take advantage of earning online while at home most especially for my wife when she will be staying at home after giving birth to our second child this coming May. Hopefully everything turns out well so we can have other sources of income other than our regular day jobs. We are praying that the coming year will be very fruitful for us so we can eventually start looking for our own place and call it our own home.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Gift For The Environment

This holiday season, people are very busy finishing their work and shopping for Christmas gifts for their friends and love ones. Other than the usual gifts we buy from the malls and bargain stores, we might want to consider giving a unique gift. Haribon Foundation is still selling tree seedlings as a gift and upon purchase, you will receive a certificate of donation saying you have purchased seedlings to be planted at Haribon's rainforestation sites in the Philippines.

You may indicate your friend or relative's name on the certificate so it will show that you have donated in behalf of your friend's name. My wife and I have given several certificates to our relatives and friends last Christmas and upon reading their names on the certificates of donation, they really appreciated our Gift of Tree.

To know more about the Gift of Tree program of Haribon, you may visit their website at or you may call at 02-4211209. You can also purchase other items such as kiddie books, research books, kids and adults t-shirts, postcards, bird stickers and a lot of other souvenirs. All proceeds will go to Haribon Foundation's environmental conservation projects within Metro Manila and several provinces around the country.