Saturday, August 29, 2009

Discovery Channel

Watching TV is probably one of the most popular ways to relax and enjoy your free time. When i was a kid, i remembered i memorized all the tv shows per day during prime time (when soap operas are not "in" yet). Now that cable channel is available, when my son is done watching cartoons, i enjoy watching tv when i am home after work.

One of my favorite channels is Discovery Channel and Discovery Turbo. I learn a lot from their programs. Lately i have been focusing on Discovery Turbo because as i blogged before, i love automobiles. They have several programs where they modify ordinary looking cars into really nice ones. Not only cars but pick ups, vans and trucks too! They have this program called Trick my Truck where a group of people pick an ordinary truck driver and owner and redesign the whole truck. They redesign not only the color and interior but they also provide different equipment like lcd monitors, laptops and good sleeping mattresses in case the truck driver's family or children rides along with them in a long trip. Everything they do, they do it for free.

I hope these programs inspire Pinoys who are gifted financially to help others who barely can afford a paint job or engine repair. I know there are more Filipinos who cannot afford to buy even a second hand car but to those who can, maintaining their vehicles is entirely a different ballgame. Seeing and using a nicely painted car and a well maintained engine will add confidence to an individual which can help him or her go through challenges he faces every single day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mafia Wars, Street Racing and Facebook

I was not into Facebook before but recently, i got hooked up in Mafia Wars and Street Racing. My limited time for blogging went all to playing these games in Facebook. I knew i will be addicted to these games when my friend invited me but i tried it anyway. Now i have been looking forward everyday to play until i reach high levels or until i got bored. Some friends invited me too at Farmville and poker, i am sure i will be hooked up to those games too so i have not tried them yet.

Internet games are so addictive that i hear DJs in radio stations talking about couples having problems because they have limited time for each other. After spending most of their time working or studying, they will immediately log on to internet games, usually in Facebook and build a good reputation. Family time or time with your loved ones are sacrificed and people end up spending more time or socializing with friends on the net. Sometimes we have to think twice before joining any social networking sites because definitely it will get time from our usual daily activities.

Even Bayantel has been aggressively promoting their products and have come up with a new and effective way of advertising. Lola Techie is all over TV, billboards and streamers and they even had an event introducing internet to senior citizens like her. I heard Lola Techie say that she was really thankful that she knows how to use the internet and she urged people her age to try internet too. Can you imagine when our grandparents are also hooked up in Facebook and other social networking sites? What will happen to the good old quality time with the family. Will there be Christmas seasons, special family occasions and reunions if everybody is hooked up in the web?

Internet has its advantages and disadvantages and it is up to us to manage our time wisely and learn to prioritize what or who are really important to us.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009

I have been in the blogging world since October 2008 and have met a lot of bloggers since then. I have seen great personal blogs, money-making sites, recipe blogs, health related blogs, travel blogs, sports blogs and anything under the sun blogs. It is such a big blog world out there that everyday i get to meet different people, visit new places and read different experiences. Blogging has been a life for me and i guess my day would not be complete without reading blogs.

As a relatively new blogger, i have my list of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 as a part of Ms. Janette Toral's project as a way of giving recognition to blogs to readers like me. This is my list:


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Congratulations to all of you and continue blogging!

Cory Aquino - An Ideal Philippine Leader

Cory Aquino may be one of the best presidents the Philippines has ever had in our country's colorful history. This statement may be debated by a lot of Filipinos but i believe we owe our democracy to her when she made the decision to run for president after her husband Senator Ninoy Aquino was assassinated after returning from a 3-year exile in the United States. Tita Cory has made a lot of friends and enemies during her term but it did not stop her from leading her countrymen against the abuse and corruption of present politicians.

Presidents elected after her term should be grateful to her because she was the one who made the sacrifice of running for president, risking herself and her family even after her husband was killed due to politics. The 3 presidents after her, never made her an important adviser of their governments because they can only saw her mistakes when she was the president. She was the guinea pig for them and they made sure they would not be a part of her during their time as the president. They can only show their respect and gratitude to her now that she has already passed away.

Tita Cory has made mistakes because she is human and she has never imagined to be a politician. She does not have any experience, even in the local level but she listened to the people and decided to be the leader of the nation. She even survived several bloody coup attempts by the military who swore to defend her administration. Even the Catholic church who were the ones who convinced her to run even criticized her during her term.

For me, Tita Cory is a true leader. She made sacrifices and decisions which were unpopular. She always put God first and remained to be humble. She is the exact opposite of her showbiz daughter who always prioritizes and thinks of herself before anybody else. She is a gift all Filipinos should be thankful for. Come to think of it, it was God's will for her the be our leader and not her husband. For me, it was His way of telling us that Tita Cory was the one for us that time and she was the best the country can have after 20 years under the leadership of a fallen dictator.

Tita Cory, thank you very much for being our leader and may God bless you as you begin another journey.