Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mafia Wars, Street Racing and Facebook

I was not into Facebook before but recently, i got hooked up in Mafia Wars and Street Racing. My limited time for blogging went all to playing these games in Facebook. I knew i will be addicted to these games when my friend invited me but i tried it anyway. Now i have been looking forward everyday to play until i reach high levels or until i got bored. Some friends invited me too at Farmville and poker, i am sure i will be hooked up to those games too so i have not tried them yet.

Internet games are so addictive that i hear DJs in radio stations talking about couples having problems because they have limited time for each other. After spending most of their time working or studying, they will immediately log on to internet games, usually in Facebook and build a good reputation. Family time or time with your loved ones are sacrificed and people end up spending more time or socializing with friends on the net. Sometimes we have to think twice before joining any social networking sites because definitely it will get time from our usual daily activities.

Even Bayantel has been aggressively promoting their products and have come up with a new and effective way of advertising. Lola Techie is all over TV, billboards and streamers and they even had an event introducing internet to senior citizens like her. I heard Lola Techie say that she was really thankful that she knows how to use the internet and she urged people her age to try internet too. Can you imagine when our grandparents are also hooked up in Facebook and other social networking sites? What will happen to the good old quality time with the family. Will there be Christmas seasons, special family occasions and reunions if everybody is hooked up in the web?

Internet has its advantages and disadvantages and it is up to us to manage our time wisely and learn to prioritize what or who are really important to us.


Luke said...

lol. Online games really are addicting. I've heard a lot of good stuff about FB games but haven't tried them yet. Happy gaming!

Colon said...

The Fast Lane prank tests limits of car speeds and the law.

*josie* said...

yes, I can that it is addicting, I don't have an account yet, but my sons,niece and even my sister in Canada have one. And would you believe I have customers in my shop that bring their whole family just to play Facebook games, from kids to parents hahaha, that's how addicting it is.

Jan said...

Tried this typing maniac game in FB. Now, I've always fancied myself to be good at typing. OMG. I could only place no. 6 among my friends.

I got curious. I searched for typing maniac cheats in Google. Walla - there they are. May mga Youtube how-to pa. I've lost interest immediately.

What should I do? Download those scripts to my hard drive and possibly infect my pc with malware and viruses? Tama ba, Luke? lols.

And where's the sense of achievement you could get upping your scores, setting records in FB when all you did was run a script cheat? Nah, not for me.

But it amuses me that people find them addicting. Pssst - Fifi is into a couple of FB games, too. You're not alone. Don't feel so guilty. If it makes you relaxed after a hard day's work then it's good.

Just set aside time to update your blog. Ahehehe.