Saturday, August 29, 2009

Discovery Channel

Watching TV is probably one of the most popular ways to relax and enjoy your free time. When i was a kid, i remembered i memorized all the tv shows per day during prime time (when soap operas are not "in" yet). Now that cable channel is available, when my son is done watching cartoons, i enjoy watching tv when i am home after work.

One of my favorite channels is Discovery Channel and Discovery Turbo. I learn a lot from their programs. Lately i have been focusing on Discovery Turbo because as i blogged before, i love automobiles. They have several programs where they modify ordinary looking cars into really nice ones. Not only cars but pick ups, vans and trucks too! They have this program called Trick my Truck where a group of people pick an ordinary truck driver and owner and redesign the whole truck. They redesign not only the color and interior but they also provide different equipment like lcd monitors, laptops and good sleeping mattresses in case the truck driver's family or children rides along with them in a long trip. Everything they do, they do it for free.

I hope these programs inspire Pinoys who are gifted financially to help others who barely can afford a paint job or engine repair. I know there are more Filipinos who cannot afford to buy even a second hand car but to those who can, maintaining their vehicles is entirely a different ballgame. Seeing and using a nicely painted car and a well maintained engine will add confidence to an individual which can help him or her go through challenges he faces every single day.

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sami said...

A representation of Optimus Prime of Transformers had been placed in Eastwood Citywalk for exhibit, public viewing and pictures. My friend told me that this 6-wheeler truck was redesigned by Atoy Bodykits. Such a very nice masterpiece. Check out pictures here:

Nwei, nice post!