Friday, January 14, 2011

President Noynoy Buys a Porsche

PNoy recently bought a 2007 model Porsche which made headlines and got several reactions from critics and supporters. Here are the facts of the story:

1. The Porsche is "third-hand" vehicle worth 4.5 million Pesos
2. The model may be a Cayman or a Carrera, basing on the news photos
3. He sold his other vehicle a BMW to buy this Porsche.
4. He used his own funds.
5. He is a bachelor and a car enthusiast.

People are saying that the timing is "off" because of the announced fare hike at MRT and LRT. There are also surveys done saying people are "poorer" today compared to the previous years. Gasoline and diesel prices have increased more than 3 times already since December 2010. Floods and other natural disasters continue to damage lives in the Bicol Region.

For me, I do not see anything wrong with PNoy's Porsche purchase. There will never be a good timing because the Philippines, a third world country will always be a face of poverty. No matter how a good a President or a leader is, 6 years of governance is not enough to turn the tables around. Too much damage was done by the past presidents and we need at least 15-20 years to recover and be compared to developing countries. The proposed MRT and LRT hike should have been implemented months ago to recover government losses. Gasoline and diesel prices will continue to rise as long as the market is controlled by "The Big 3". How come lesser known gasoline stations afford to sell gas 50 centavos to 1 peso cheaper than The Big 3? It is so obvious that Shell, Caltex and Petron can lower their prices but refuse to do so.

Is Php 4.5 million an extravagant purchase? To an ordinary Filipino, yes. To a rich family or individual, no. Picture this: a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser costs around Php 4.5M, a 2010 Nissan Patrol costs Php 2.6M, a 2010 Mitsubishi Pajero costs Php 2.8M, a second hand 2010 Mercedes Benz E Class costs Php 4.5M, a second hand 2010 BMW 5 series costs Php 2.1M and a second hand Porsche 911 GT3 costs Php 6.8M. I see these types of vehicle everyday (except the Porsche GT3) at EDSA and it seems Filipinos can afford to buy these luxury vehicles. Rich Filipinos are outnumbered by poor ones but to them, it is not their fault that they were born rich or they worked hard to be rich.

President Noynoy was born rich. All his siblings are rich even without entering politics. His youngest showbiz sister earns 3-5 million a month just for shows excluding endorsements. People say that he should be sensitive and should avoid extravagant purchases. Can we give the guy a break? It may be his Christmas gift to himself, or a reward after working hard since being elected. Do we not allow ourselves to at least reward ourselves after a year of hard work? How about people buying IPhones, IPads, PS3, Xbox, Flatscreen TVs, DigitalSLR, Laptops, Louis Vuitton bags and Tag Heuer watches? Aren't they extravagant too in a smaller scale? Actually, PNoy's Porsche is just peanuts compared to his counterparts. His predecessor spent a million pesos for a dinner abroad.

Let us try to be open minded once in a while and understand people's ways which are different from ours. We sometimes say we belong to the masses and we sympathize with them but we do not even lift a single finger to help. We just criticize and see the negative side of things. Focus on what are the important issues and try to help. Count our blessings and be happy for other people's blessings.


bingkee said...

Just like you I don't see anything wrong---he has the money so he can do whatever he wants to do with his money ....just because he is the President does not mean he could not have the luxuries in life. People are whiners-----and mostly they're envious who do nothing but pinpoint others' flaws or find faults at others. At least he's not using the people's money to serve his own needs and wants.

lemuel said...

@bingkee, thanks, yes a lot of people who make comments are whiners and the big reason why they are whiners is because of envy. They envy PNoy's power as a president and money as a private individual. Forgot to write about a Filipino lady congresswoman who owns a Bentley which costs around Php 7.3M excluding taxes....

Jose said...

hello? are you crazy? you see nothing wrong with Noynoy shopping for a Porsche while Sate of Calamities are being declared left and right? Being the President.. he already is furnished with luxurious cars at his diposal. Even a Limousine for Pete's sake. Cannot he wait until summer when at least there are no typhoons? or wait until his term ends? Is that too much to ask from a man who lived as grandson of both Hacienderos? I mean it was he who said "Lead by example."

Jose said...

@bingkee "...just because he is the President does not mean he could not have the luxuries in life." You mean this guy.. this President who was born as a Cojuanco and an Aquino does not enjoy luxuries enough????
He has the whole Malacanan Palace with its own GOLF COURSE. Batteries of Luxury Cars and Vans. What is enough for you?

kim said...

RA 6713. Look it up.

sponge kitty said...

I don't know why critics are making a fuss over this issue. The president used his own money to buy this car. I think critics should also make a fuss over other officials who bought something using the public funds. It is a good thing that the president sell the car so that his critics would stop their criticisms against him.

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unais said...

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