Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook's CityVille

Facebook has launched another successful social networking game which made Facebook members look forward in playing the game every time they log in. Reports have stated that CityVille has overtaken Farmville as the most number of active monthly users at 84.2 million compared to Farmville's 83.8 million. CityVille's daily active user audience is currently at 14.8 million, more than the most popular full-pledged online game, World of Warcraft, which has "just" 12 million monthly subscribers (

Here are a few reasons why CityVille has already beaten the current records:
CityVille was Zynga's (game creator and developer) first multilingual release, having versions in English, but also in German, Italian, Spanish, and French, thus allowing more people an easier access to it ( Imagine if they have it in Chinese....
2. Zynga used all of its other Facebook games, from FarmVille to FrontierVille, Mafia Wars or Zynga Poker to advertise the release of CityVille, thus appealing to those that were already interested in gaming on Facebook (
3. CityVille has similarities with Sim City game which, I think has already 6 versions excluding The Sims games. Its first release was in 1989 and last was in 2007.
4. CityVille is free. No need to buy the software or download more applications. Facebook, being the number 1 social networking site with the most number of members is a great platform for CityVille's popularity.
5. CityVille concept generates the users creativity. It allows a player to control a city, beginning from a simple community to a very successful metropolis. Almost every human being has dreams of owning a good business, build a nice home, manage a small farm and be a leader or politician who can control a city and earn on the side. There is no violence in this game and people love to earn by just using their laptops or desktop pc's.

I already tried the game and I am sure, if my internet connection is good, I'll be addicted playing the game. Hopefully I won't. It is another way of wasting one's time at home or at the office. Social networking sites are good tools to communicate with long lost friends or relatives but it is also the reason why we lack time with our own love ones who live with us at home. Instead of having quality time playing with kids and teaching them homework, people spend an average of 2-4 hours a day to play internet games.

Playing online is not bad but it must always be in moderation. Hopefully we will learn that sometimes technology helps us and sometimes it does not. Just keep everything in moderation and try to balance time at home, work and leisure. Have fun playing but remember to do your responsibilities at the office and at home first before playing CityVille.

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