Friday, January 21, 2011

Discounted Gasoline Stations

Just as everybody is busy at work and school, motorists were again slapped a Php 0.75 increase per liter by gasoline companies this week. No announcement were made on TV and radio before the increase and people had no choice but to go with the flow. I just wonder, what is the reason for another increase? Due to the cold weather? No enough supply from the world market? Peso depreciation against the dollar?

The Big 3 oil companies has been dictating the oil prices in the Philippines for decades already. The government, especially the Department of Energy has no control over these 3 big oil companies. How come Shell, Caltex and Petron have the same price increase values? How come other oil companies such as Total, Seaoil, Jetti, etc. can charge less? I know it is a strategy for consumers to buy gas from them compared to the Big 3 but in the end its the consumers who suffer the regular price increases. When will we be liberated from the oligarchy of these Big 3?

The next best thing is for us to know where to buy gas that are cheaper compared to other locations. My work often requires me to go on fieldwork around Metro Manila so I know a few areas where to buy gas that is cheaper compared to other areas. Here are my tips:

1. Total gas station at EDSA Boni after Shaw Boulevard before Boni (Southbound). They are usually 0.75-1.00 cheaper than most gasoline stations in EDSA.
2. Total gas station Ortigas Avenue right after Santolan road if you are coming from Gilmore, QC or San Juan.
3. Seaoil gas station EDSA after Quezon Avenue (southbound) if you are coming from SM North EDSA.
4. Shell gas station EDSA (southbound) after Seaoil gas station mentioned above. They charge 0.25-0.50 cheaper than other Shell gas stations.
5. Shell gas station N. Domingo Avenue in San Juan after turning right from Broadway.
6. Caltex gas station Aurora Boulevard near J. Ruiz LRT station in San Juan. It is after Broadway Avenue if you are coming from Cubao, QC going towards San Juan and Manila.
7. Jetti gas station after Ayala Bridge in Manila if you are coming from Taft Avenue going towards Mendiola.
8. Jetti gas station at Macapagal Avenue after Petron in Blue Wave going towards Coastal Road coming from World Trade Center.

It is time for us to support the use of renewable energy sources so these oil companies will not dictate the prices they want. All you hear from them is they have to recover their losses from not increasing gas prices after the price of world crude went up months ago. They always advertise that they are pro-people because they "do not adjust" gas prices unless it is really necessary. Have you seen how extravagant their offices in Makati and how high the salaries they give to their executives? I have been inside a refinery of a oil company in Bataan and it is so impressive that you feel like you are not inside the Philippines.

Time for us to develop ways to use wind and solar energy at home and at the office. The less we demand electricity, the less we consume fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel. Support non-government projects for renewable energy and help in environment conservation.


sponge kitty said...

I wish that the government and car manufacturers would find alternative to gasoline. I would want them to try to improve hybrid and electric cars more so that people would learn not to depend on gasoline and vehicles would be environment-friendly too.

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Eugene Yompster said...

@sponge kitty, it's so true..i do appreciate your post. the people must learn not to depend on the gas station and.. thanks for posting! gas oil price