Saturday, November 15, 2008

Passion with Cars continued...

I was fortunate enough to get a loan to have my second car. It is a Honda Civic ESI 1995 model, color beige. It has been one of my personal goals to have a Honda Civic someday, and this year, i got the chance to achieve that goal (until i fully pay the loan.... hehehe)

I have so many plans with this car that i actually don't have any idea where to start. Of course budget will always be the main concern so i guess i have to start with the basics, and cheapest of course.

First thing was to check the engine. The engine is good (considering its a 13 year old car) and runs pretty well. Change oil and tune up was the basic. I also changed the radiator's auxilliary fan, sensor and fuse. Next will be air and fuel filter. Timing belt? Sana hindi pa naman. There are a lot more, but i guess i'll just start with the basics.

Underchassis.... hmmm. I already changed all the suspension bushing and boots. I guess shocks will be the second to be replaced. I had it alligned and cambered after changing the bushings. Tie rod, ball joints, trailing arm, etc... will also be next i guess. Will i still have a budget for lowering springs and new shocks? Hopefully....

Brakes. New brake pads next year. Rear disc brakes? Hmmmm, something to think about.

Tires and mags. I got 2 new tires to replace the old ones. I'm not planning to buy 2 more since i plan to shift to 15 inch SIR mags. I will have to get 4 new tires since the mags are of different size to what i have right now, stock ESI mags. 17 and 18 inch mags are very tempting but once you get them, you will sacrifice the ride and comfort. Plus they are really expensive.... and i don't have my own garage, i might lose them to thieves.

Clutch and pressure plate, its nice to think to have them replaced for better gear shifting but i guess this will have to wait for next year.

Transmission? I have no idea whatsoever...

Muffler. Not too loud, but not too stock.

Lights. Not planning to buy HID, halogen is good enough for me. I'm not that interested to get jdm corner lights, i don't know if it looks better. Busted tail light bulbs will also be replaced.

Sounds. Change to Pioneer or Sony Xplode unit. Must have Ipod capability. Replace stock speakers to 3 way, seperates and a single small subwoofer.

New carpets and new leather seat covers.

New armsrest.

I'm keeping the stock steering wheel and shift knob. Looks better for me than the 1996-2000 models.

New wipers. I won't get the new ones (installed in 2007-2008 honda models) I'll just get a nice brand.

Paint? Needs to be detailed. I inherited a few scratches and a bump at the rear bumper.

That's my partial list. I will have to update this list once in a while. If you have any suggestions, just make a comment, ok? Thanks


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