Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Climate Change

How does an ordinary person understand these two words? Climate change, how does this affect each individual? How can a person associate these two words to his or her everyday life?

I was employed for about 2 years at Haribon Foundation and I can say these two years are very fulfilling for me. I became a part of an environment conservation organization which goals are to help preserve our country's remaining natural resources specifically forest and marine areas. I was exposed to several project sites, communities and even a foreign country which prioritizes environment conservation for the benefit of future generations. I also got a chance to lead a project or a fund raising activity to help generate funds for the organization's project sites.

One of Haribon Foundation's advocacy is educate the people about climate change. Climate change is such a common word for us but we only associate these two words when we think about the environment. When we go home after work or school and we live in the comfort of our homes, especially if we have air conditioning at home, we seldom feel the effects of climate change. Come to think of it, we only associate climate change when we feel extreme heat or a sudden downpour of rain. Am I right?

To get straight to the point, we oftentimes miss the true meaning of these two words. Climate change affects everything. From our food, water, the air we breath, clothing, shelter which are our basic needs. Because of climate change, we eat instant food, buy mineral water, we seek homes, offices even malls to provide a cool atmosphere, and goal to buy a nice condo unit near our place of work. Because of deforestation, we can no longer get cheap and fresh food to eat and clean water to drink. Because of irresponsible environment planning, we cut the remaining trees in our surroundings which absorbs the carbon dioxide we emit. Because of lack of opportunities and irresponsible fishing and farming in the provinces, we migrate and congest cities. I could go on and on about the effects of climate change but i guess what we need to see are the solutions and not just blame our problems to our public officials.

What do i suggest as solutions?.... i will write on my next blog the simple ways on how we can help as an individual to help delay the severe effects of climate change.

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