Monday, November 3, 2008

Food Business

This year my wife and i planned to put up a business to support our family and have an extra income besides our salaries. We actually tried to put up a donut shop near my previous workplace in Intramuros, Manila but unfortunately we got denied by the company. We haven't had time to look for alternative sites since then because either we were too busy working or we just want to spend our extra time with our son and relax after working for 5-6 days in a week.

A few weeks ago, my sister, who has a food business of her own, asked us if we were interested to rent her space near Mendiola street in Manila. She told me she can not maintain her outlet there since it is too far from her place (she lives in quezon city) and that place is the lowest in generating income. We were hesitant at first upon learning the rent expense but after a few days of weighing the pros and cons, we decided to go for it.

We decided to get a loan from a bank to bring in capital and to get a partner who can help us manage and add more capital. Fortunately we got a partner who is also interested to put up a business and after visiting the place, he immediately confirmed his interest. It was a good sign for us so hopefully things will turn out good in the next few days.

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