Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wind Turbines in Bangui Bay, Ilocos Norte

This blog is beginning to be a travel blog because travel is really one of my personal interests. This time, i will be writing about specific places i visited or plan to visit in the future.

The wind turbines in Bangui Bay, Ilocos Norte Province is one of the largest in southeast Asia. There are 15 towers that stand 70 meters tall with rotor blades span of 40 meters. The 15 wind turbines if operated simultaneously can produce 24.75 megawatts of energy. This energy is then used to provide electricity to barangays within the province. Not only does the wind turbines produce electricity, they are environment friendly and a tourist attraction.

This technology should be one of the priorities of our government if we are serious in environment conservation. The technology prevents us from being dependent to fossil fuels which are produced by coal fired power plants which are our main source of power supply in the whole country. I read that the wind turbine project is also targetted to other provinces in the Philippines namely Negros Occidental, Camiguin, Siargao, Dinagat Island and in Mindoro. Hopefully our politicians should push thru with these projects instead of trying to build talks in opening the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

Wind turbines are found in different countries to generate electricity. Wind will always be there and will never run out. So is solar energy. Maybe now is the time to think smart and conserve our natural resources for our children's future.


sami said...

I hope to visit Bangui this year... I'm craving for an Ilocos escapade! :)

Jan said...

You've got an excellent point there. Wind turbines are a lot environmental friendly and boost eco-tourism, too. I hereby nominate you to be our energy czar. :)

lemuel said...


hey thanks for the nomination....:) you mentioned before you are from mindoro, they are planning to put up a similar thing near abra de ilog. that is near sablayan, mindoro occidental.

minnie_madz said...

hmmm.. my angel had been to that place.. I wonder if you happen to be in the same company? :)

Dee said...

That's really good! I'm in for anything that is good for the environment. I think all of us should think what's best for the environment because nature is really slowly showing some scary signs of deterioration like all these weird weather changes. Oh, and the wind turbines look great - perfect as tourist attraction! :)

rollyocampo said...

Hi, lemuel, I found your message on my BC shoutbox,

"hi, visited your site, i actually wrote something opposing the bataan nuclear plant in my blog because i am an advocate of the environment and for renewable energy. thanks!"

so I searched your blog and found this excellent post on the wind turbines in Bangui Bay, Ilocos Norte. You're right, they're not only safe, they're a sight to see as well.

I hope you and your readers can revisit my blog, Philippines Rising (Taga Monumento) and sign the online petition entitled "Say 'NO' to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP)!" You can find it on the sidebar.

Thanks a lot for your visit and let me greet you Happy Blog Readers Appreciation Day (April 16); i've actually stretched this Bloggers Unite celebration unilaterally into a month so it's still in effect!

God bless!