Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Planning to buy our own Home

Its been a couple of months since my wife and I decided to plan to buy our own house for our family. We decided to attend a seminar provided by Pag-ibig Fund, an organization who provides affordable housing loans to the average Filipino. After the seminar, we then proceeded to look for a house that we can afford with our limited budget and a place that is not too far from our workplace.

We currently live in Quezon City and our workplace are within 15-30 minutes away from our house. Since the prices here in Quezon City are way above our budget, the nearest locations are Antipolo, Bulacan, Novaliches or Cavite (definitely not near). We began searching thru classified ads, internet and we even asked our friends for recommendations. Finally after a week or two, we decided to look at the sites, get the feel of the communities and see if the houses we chose would suit our needs.

My wife, who is inclined to live in Antipolo fell in love with a small townhouse consisting of 3 rooms, 2 t&b and a 1 car garage. The site is okay, a 30-45 minute drive from our home without traffic and the design is also okay. We talked with 2 agents who were very accommodating (anticipating a sell, i presume) and toured the place twice. We knew, if we have the money for the downpayment during those days, we could have transferred early this year. Unfortunately, we got into a couple of unexpected expenses so we decided to postpone a little.

We also visited a couple of other sites in Novaliches and San Mateo, but the one in Antipolo is the one we liked. Hopefully by this year, if the Antipolo units are already sold out, we can still find a house for our family, better if possible. This is our primary goal for this year and if God willing, we will be able to settle to our new home by the yea 2010.

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