Saturday, February 7, 2009

Travel in the Philippines - South Luzon Area

This is a continuation of my previous post regarding places to visit if you are planning to take a vacation this coming summer. You can try the following locations:

1. Batangas - Anilao for scuba and snorkelling, San Juan and Laiya for sand beaches
2. Laguna - Pansol for Hot Springs, Los Banos for Mt. Makiling trekking, camping and birdwatching, Pagsanjan for the famous falls, Caliraya lake, Paete for woodcarvings
3. Cavite - Tagaytay for scenery and photography, old churches and historical landmarks
4. Quezon Province - Pagbilao and Lucban for the famous longganisa
5. Bicol Region - Start at Naga City (food and pili nuts), go to Mt. Isarog for camping and trekking, Albay to see the perfect cone of Mt. Mayon, Donsol to see the Butandings (whaleshark). Bicol dishes are one of the best!
6. Mindoro - Puerto Galera for white sand beaches, snorkelling and scuba (although its too crowded during Holy week), Pandan island if you want isolation.
7. Palawan - underground river, lots of beaches and islands to go to, great for scuba and snorkelling a bit expensive though since you need to go by air
8. Tubattaha Reef - this is one the best dive spots in the Philippines and nominated at the new 7 wonders of the world. a bit restricted though and i heard its a 9-10 hour boat trip from Palawan.

Next post.... the Visayas Region.


Valash said...

Hello Lemuel,

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am glad you got to learn something new about schizophrenia.

Best wishes,

Dee said...

Hi! :) Great list! I've always wanted to see more of our country and this list is really very helpful. Laguna sounds fun because we love trekking a lot. We'll use this us our guide. Oh, and thanks so much for visiting my site.:) Have a nice day! :)

Jan said...

Look at this. I'm from Mindoro and I haven't heard of Pandan Island yet. I must be punished the soonest possible time and sentenced to be banished in Pandan Island for a week. By the way, does it have internet connection? Hahaha.

Very useful post. Just lovely.

lemuel said...

Great to meet you, will visit your site regularly.

The picture on my post was taken from Pandan Island. The island is at Occidental Mindoro near Sablayan Municipality. Its a 15 minute boat ride but i heard tv, radio and internet is not available (3 years ago) baka may improvements na... the best part about this site is the presence of pawikans...