Saturday, July 25, 2009

Support for a Charity

There are a lot of institutions here in the country that are founded and organized to help people who are in need. A number of them are international non-government organizations that decided to set up locally to widen their reach and help more. Everyone is familiar with organizations like Unicef, Red Cross, Caritas, Greenpeace, etc., and that in one way or another had supported them through activities announced by the local media.

ABS-CBN and GMA 7, the two biggest TV networks in the Philippines has their own charitable institutions they support. A big factor of their success may be attributed to their wide reach through media and easy access for donations, cash or in kind. Most of the time, during typhoons and other natural calamities, these 2 networks have been very active in supporting local governments by asking donations through TV, radio and print and effectively sending donations to affected areas. Projects are not limited to natural calamities but also to people who need medical support but could not afford to pay bills in the hospital. Even students who need education support are beneficiaries of projects and donations from these two networks.

Personally, I believe, each and everyone should have a charity to support to share blessings given to us everyday. Most of us are lucky that we graduated from decent schools and have a regular income from work or personal businesses. Giving to church is good but I believe each person has a unique gift that we can share to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Sometimes, we think monetary donations are the only things we can give but we can also support them in many other ways. It is just finding the right charity or organization that you believe in and decide to support. Giving and sharing should not be done only during the holiday season but all year round. A list of certified non-government institutions may be found in PCNC's website (Philippine Council for NGO Certification). These organizations have been operating for a number of years and have been certified. It is PCNC's job to certify organizations basing on their performance and structure to help people identify legit NGOs as against fly-by-night groups who are just in it for the money. Most of the listed organizations, even certified are unknown and would really need help not just funding, but also for more exposure.

For you, what cause or organization would you support?


Luke said...

Indeed, charity should be an important part of our lives. I've heard time and again that the more you give, the more you receive. But it's not just in church that you hear things like that. Even some financial gurus like Robert Kiyosaki also believe in this. It has been said in medieval times:

"Amen! Amen! so mote it be! ; So say we all for charity."

Oh, btw. Thanks a lot for including me in your blogroll. For myself, I don't have any yet but soon will, I hope. :)

*josie* said...

helping is an honorable deed, and I'm glad that many people support charity institutions, and you are right, support only legit organization.
thanks for the visit and it's a pleasure to be included in your blogroll.I will do the same..

nativa said...

Each and everyone of us should give back something in out lives. I personally am a partner of the Feed The Children program. I have a dream to get a group together to we can make a large donation to this group.

Dee said...

Yes, charity is important. Helping people in need is one of our responsibilities. And, I believe in "the more we give, the more we receive" saying.

Also, we should start teaching our children the value of charity. Being a role model is one.

Have a nice day! :)

nothing profound said...

Giving is all of life, even if it just means giving a kind word or a smile.

Shabnam Sultan said...

We all should do charity as they are very important part in our lives.

I try to do charity in my own little way and it gives me immense happiness.