Sunday, July 5, 2009

How Loyal Are to Your Work?

I have been working to my current job for almost 2 years now. I have been very loyal and i think have been productive to the company since day one. It is a small company but has a big potential. Lately, after a couple of months of not reaching our target, sales has improved dramatically. It has to do with the influenza scare. Hopefully our sales will be consistent so the company can expand.

A co-worker has been on leave for more than a month now. She had a baby so she was entitled for a maternity leave. Before she went on leave, i suggested that we hire a reliever to fill in her shoes. We were not able to get one because our sales then were down. But now, i think we can afford another staff to help with the workload. Things have been really crazy at work, phones kept on ringing, emails were piling up, honestly we could not keep up.

Lately, i have been thinking of asking a salary raise. Actually i already made a letter to my boss. It is just really hard for me to give it to him. I don't know, i think it is not in my nature to ask. But when i receive my salary, i already feel it is not commensurate to the work i am doing. So, i plan to give the letter this week, hopefully tomorrow. I hope my boss would consider my request. If not, then i guess my loyalty will be tested. Times are hard, and i have to think of my family to feed.

How about you? How long have you stayed in your work? Have you asked for a raise?


Yami said...

Since you asked I should say that I'm 100 percent loyal to my previous job. I work in the wee hours of the night just to finish a job. One reason that I quit is that I don't (i'm just one among the hundreds of employees in my former company) receive the ample salary and benefits that I should be getting. I don't want to sound bragging here, but nobody (as far as I know) exerted that effort in providing them banner stories during my time.

As for you predicament, I understand your situation since you are the family breadwinner. It's just right to ask/request your boss for a raise. Who knows he's just waiting for your move. and post about it if he grants your request. Thanks. :-)

Lucrecio Emerito said...

I say, give that letter. He or she can always say no. It would also show that you truly believe that you deserve that raise.

lemuel said...

@yami, i see that you are really very loyal to your previous employer, too bad they were not able to give what you truly deserve.

@luke, i will give the letter this week, yes, i truly believe i deserve a raise, thanks

lemuel said...
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John Mellem said...

I have had many jobs for long periods and I have found that no matter how loyal the worker is, the employer is rarely loyal to the employee. In the old days teh boss knew the family and cared but now they only use you and throw away when finihed.