Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do You Love Pets?

Recently, through Facebook, i got to talk to a close friend who was out of touch for a couple of years. It was nice to renew our communication since he was a friend back in college years. He was also the one who introduced me to hiking and mountaineering and his interests in pets, particularly dogs, birds and fishes.

This guy is still single, had two serious relationships but was unable to settle down yet. I guess he has yet to meet his match. Anyway, to keep himself busy, he ventured into a lot of businesses. I think the most successful ones were breeding lovebirds, parakeets, flowerhorn and dogs such as golden retriever, labrador and shitzu. One time he had 7 retrievers at home and i could not imagine how he managed all his pets and still work at the same time. I had a golden retriever once and he was a handful back then. I got him, when he was around 1 year old and he stayed with me for about 3-4 years. It was just one and managing him was difficult, but my friend had 7, plus birds, fishes and other dogs.

My friend's love for his pets was really deep because he mentioned that sometimes what inspired him to work was to feed and groom his pets. Nowadays, he still have a couple of retrievers, shitzu and a siberian husky. He also works in a farm in his province, maintaining mango trees, tomotaoes and other vegetables.

Pets are his passion. I recently advised him to make a blog about his interests and who knows, he might learn a lot, meet new friends and improve his business. As for me, i also love dogs. Someday, when we have our own house, my wife and i might get a labrador because we both like that breed and it is easier to maintain compared to a retriever. We also have an aquarium at home where we enjoy a lot to help us relax after a hard day's work. Dogs and fishes are probably our limit since i am not interested in having birds and cats at home.

How about you, do you love pets? Are you attached to them and treat them just like any family member? How do you value them?


Luke said...

Good choice on the Labrador! We also like that breed. Your friend must be very dedicated because every pet you own is like another member of your family. If women knew that, they'd see him as a responsible family man.

saruman920 said...

Hi Bro! Is this article about me? hahaha. Correction though, I did have 7 dogs at one time inside our home but only 1 was a retriver, the rest were shih tzus and poodles.

*josie* said...

I presently have two dogs, a mother and son, my dog is almost 8 years old and her son is about 7 month old, a Phil. mutt, and an aquarium, don't care much for imported breeds, just love any breed of dog.thanks for the visit, have a nice day!

Stephen said...

I grew up having so many animals around the house that I came to love them and have them as pets. We used to have rabbits, turtle, ducks, fishes, dogs, goats, chickens, and hamsters. Right now I want a dog but our building (we live in a condo) does not allow pets.

lemuel said...

@luke, yup my friend is really a pet lover, but i still don't get it why girls don't see it.

@saruman, no the article is not about you :). my friend is a bit more good looking.

@josie, thanks for the comment. when i was a kid, my aunt taught me how to love dogs, all of them Pinoy dogs, the retriever i got from my brother in law was the first imported breed i had.

@stephen, you remind me of my grandparents, they also have lots of kind of animals around, dogs, cats, chickens, goats, pigs, etc., but they are not into farming, they just love taking care of animals