Saturday, June 6, 2009

Influenza A(H1N1) Scare

As of yesterday, the Department of Health has confirmed 33 cases of A(H1N1) flu in the country. The latest infection were from 3 students from De La Salle University in Taft Avenue, Manila. This incident has prompted other universities and colleges to postpone the opening of classes from June 8 to June 15, 2009.

As an individual, it may be a cause of alarm since the flu virus, which came from Mexico has started to spread here in the city. As a parent, who have kids at school, you would naturally worry. Does your kid's school have enough information about preventing the virus from spreading if in case an infected person visits their premises? Do the teachers and administrators know what to do? Will reminding kids to wash their hands often and cover their nose and mouth while sneezing enough to assure the parents that their kids are safe? If a person or a student is infected, will suspension of classes for 1 week enough to assure that it is safe to return?

A cure or an immunization is still still being researched as of now, so government authorities' best effort is to isolate infected people, monitor their situation and give the best treatment for flu. Fortunately all reported infected people here in the Philippines are recovering so we are still better off compared to other countries. Mexico and the United States still tops the number of deaths caused by the flu.

What can we do? It is a must to strengthen our immune system. Get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, most specially fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, drink plenty of water, bring umbrella and raincoats when going outside, avoid smoking and observe the proper hygiene. Let us also do our part in spreading the information to minimize the impact of this disease.


Dee said...

These are good reminders, Lemuel. People should take extra precautions so as not to get infected or catch the virus.

This virus is really scary. Especially for the kids. My son naman is homeschooled which is a relief for me now.

Hope this goes away soon. Let's pray for that.

Have a wonderful weekend to you and your family. :)

Miriam said...

No one really knows the extent of this health problem as of this time. This is not to create fear ha, baka nga may mga unreported cases na tayo. People should be vigilant enough to report unlikely cases of flu in their area. Sana rin Barangay health officials would conduct door-to-door information drive, for all we know may affected or infected na in the community level ang nagtatago lang for fear of being ostracized.

EdZee said...

The decision to move the opening of classes in college level is only a temporary relief on the fear of spreading the disease. I believe the schools can really monitor their students but how about the internet caf├ęs that are frequented by the students after class. I have a blog at to explain what could happen if a customer turned positive of influenza A (H1N1).

JeD said...

Hmm..I'm just wondering if A(H1N1) was just over rated? or is it just global marketing tool? Come to think about it, the virus have made good business:

- Vaccines in drugstores were sold out like pancakes.

- Food supplements especially ascorbic acid used A(h1n1) as their foundation for promotion. eg. Celine.

- Alcohols, hand sanitizers, and soap are all fast moving.

Well in any case, a virus is still a virus, and we should indeed be cautious about it. I just think that a(h1n1) is a little exaggerated.

I think the best we to prevent it is to stay away from it. Perhaps just let your kids stay away from crowded places, or let them just stay home. :)


JeD Chan