Thursday, June 11, 2009

Con Ass Rally in Makati

The Philippines once again is being tried to accept a new form of government. Filipinos are again put in a spot to voice their opinions and stand against the recent moves by the Congress to amend the constitution. Who is really behind this agenda? Is it really power grabbing once again? Is the present administration still behind the efforts to stay in office even after the elections in 2010?

I am proud to be a Filipino. I admire people who stand by their beliefs, drop what they are doing and join a rally against abuse. I am lucky that there are people who represent me when i am too busy working to provide for my family. Sometimes i wonder, how does militant groups survive when all they do is organize a rally to oppose government abuse, rising gas, power and water rates and unfair labor practices. I once joined a rally in UP Diliman before and it was really exciting and fulfilling. I knew a number of people who belong to the League of Filipino Students or LFS who later became activists of Bayan Muna or Akbayan or whatever group they belong to now.

What really makes a rally or demonstration successful is the number of people who joined. A short program about what the rally stands for is the climax of the rally. What makes the rally disgusting and a failure is for politicians who grab the opportunity for them to show their faces on tv and recite a long speech to put the limelight on their political ambitions. I am really sorry for this but whatever happens after the elections, these politicians are losers and trash. I really hope they lose badly.

A particular politician even had the nerve to bring a pedicab and lots of garlic to support his tv advertisement and show how he really loves the poor and will fight for them. He even had a scripted line which he also recited in his tv ad. I pity the woman he just proposed to be married. I think even his marriage is a major part to get more votes. Well i guess the lady has an amibition too. Who knows, she may be a first lady one day.

Another politician has an agenda to malign the current government everytime he gets a chance to speak. I was thinking of voting for him but now i am having second thoughts. Does he have any other agenda, cause or issue to champion other than criticizing the president? For the record, i am not defending the president, i just hope he starts to concentrate on other problems.

How about the priest turned politician? I don't know what to say. I just wish he fixes his province first before running for a higher position.

Finally, a mayor who has an ambition to be a president. He even told reporters he will not speak publicly to avoid criticism for him using the event to support his presidential bid? The question is, why did he and his staff organized a motorcade complete with uniform and props which toured around the rally venue? Isn't it also a form of campaigning?

Is there anyone out there who can really lead us Pinoys? Will there be a true leader out there that puts the country first before personal ambition? Will i be lucky enough to know this person in my lifetime and experience the leadership he has? I really pray that someday there will be.


Anonymous said...

The Philippines has a lot of issues to deal with. It's such a small nation with a surmounting and huge amount of problems that don't really go away until one ruler can lead it with his mind, heart and soul set and determined to improve the nation.

I never knew what ConAss was until I read about it in blogs.

It makes my heart wrench to realize how the Philippines is in bad shape.

A2V said...

Hi there, thought this was about cars, anyway as a filipino I am also against on what our congress is doing right now the like of a good leader is not in their heart anymore and what they are doing in congress is full of vested interest, how i hope that they will be punished by a bad karma for what they are doing.

Guess your new to blogging cause your blog layoout is same as mine when I was just starting, keep it up.

earthlingorgeous said...

It's just sad that people are again being asked to go to the street but then people are going to be used again.

I honestly don't know who can lead this country and bring back the people's trust with their leaders.

I think we need a total revamp and those who are in position now are not allowed to take a position ever so we have new leaders.

Dee said...

This is really sad. Sometimes it seems like it needs a huge miracle to change this country.

Lucrecio Emerito said...

May mga Twitter accounts ba yan sila? Mag rally din kaya tayo sa Twitter and sa blogs. :)