Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Planning for a Low Budget Wedding

My wife is trying a new business nowadays. She is organizing 2 weddings, one this year and the other one next year. She has long wanted to try event organizing as a sideline but because her work takes majority of her time, sometimes even on weekdays, her plans were always put on the side. Just last month, she had her break when a close friend asked her help to organize their wedding next year. She did not even blinked, she just talked to her friend, got the details, explained her limitations and accepted the job for a minimal fee. After a week or two, another office mate asked for her help too. It was just a simple church wedding, with a limited budget, and she is also close with the bride to be, so she accepted the job.

Now the challenge is to make a memorable and beautiful wedding for a limited budget. How limited? I think the total budget is 100k. Is it possible? We are working on it.

The key in maximizing your budget is limiting your guests. We are saying this because we actually did it with our own wedding. We had less than 100 guests. We got lots of support from our siblings, parents and godparents to make it a reality. Our wedding was a very memorable one and in spite of a few blunders and boo-boos, we enjoyed every minute of it. We just keep on saying that the wedding is for the two of us and not to please our guests. We had our debates with our parents but in the end they realized that what is important is for us to be happy on our wedding day. We even had a great honeymoon! Limited budget too, but also very memorable.

One detail that is difficult to hurdle is getting a good photo and video that does not charge much. Rates nowadays are usually 40k-80k up for good ones. Capturing one of the most important event in your life is so essential that you would not want to get the services of amateurs.

We have six months before the first wedding and 3 months after for the next. Hopefully we can pull it off decently so my wife will have a career by her side. We accept suggestions and recommendations too. Thanks in advance!


Lucrecio Emerito said...

Hi. First of all, it is good that your wife now has the chance to do what she likes. Let us pray it works.

Don't worry so much on it. Just work with the budget. Then it will be fine.

But also talk to the client as to what the budget can buy. Tell them that with this budget, you can invite this much people in this place with this video studio, etc.

Sometimes, they will want to increase the budget after seeing that the initial amount can only buy a little or less than what they want.

lemuel said...

@lucrecio, thanks for the input and suggestions. will forward them to my wife. good day!

Jen said...

Oh I love doing weddings! :-) I used to do it a lot until I got stuck maintaining my sites. Nkaka miss. I still have my list of suppliers from my wedding planner file. It pays to keep a file and take note of word of mouth recommendations rather than print ads. Mahirap ang budget wedding, but possible. Priorities should be set,pra lam ni hahai which ones she can adjust on and w/c ones are non-negotiable. Sobrang toxic nyan, but very fulfilling. Wla pako ngawang wedding hindi ako naiyak sa tuwa. She also needs to get some alalays with her for D Day itself. :-)

~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

Congrats on your wife's new endeavor! As long as she has passion with what she's doing, she'll do great! Planning a wedding with a limited budget is quite a challenge especially these days. But I agree with you on not scrimping on the photo and video coverage because this is the one thing that will remind the couple of their special day. But I guess, with so many new photographers now, your wife can get talented and budget-friendly photographers.

Everything Nice!

Jan said...

@luke: That's a very sensible advice you've got there.

Ang laki na pala ng budge for a wedding these days. P80k just for video coverage!

Di ba puedeng basbasan na lang at sprinkle na lang ng holy water? Kidding ",)

Don said...

Hey this is good news Lem hehe. I'll keep Hahai in my mind when we plan ours :D Oh, and if Hahai would ever need couturing services, you know who to call :)

Dee said...

Wow! That is such a good thing to hear! I'm really happy for Hahai! Congratulations to her! I've always wanted to be a wedding organizer, haha. I love weddings 'coz they're romantic and beautiful! That's really nice for Hahai! :D

Anonymous said...

I used to own an event organizing firm and we had to work on the client's budget. We need to make it fabulous no matter how much the budget is --so that was our challenge.
I've never done any event because we specialized in concerts, fashion shows, launchings, promotional campaigns, and trade shows.
I think organizing a wedding is similar although there are no perks. You see, we enjoyed a lot of perks when we do those events----like free tickets, free entrance to restos, swags, gifts from clients, discounts, etc.
Congrats on your wife's new endeavor. Hope she enjoys it while deriving success from it.