Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Best Gift for a Mother

Tomorrow will be Mother's Day, one of the important celebrations we have every year. This day, we honor mothers, whether our mom, grandmom, aunt, sister, cousin, best friend or any mom we know. Being a mom is probably one of the hardest jobs a woman will experience, and it becomes more difficult if you are a working mom or a single parent. I should know, my mom was working alone to give me and my sister a bright future.

Sometimes i feel guilty when i don't spend enough time with my mom. I have my own family now and alot my time to be with my wife and son during weekends and holidays. Weekends is not enough because these are the only days when i also have to rest. We regularly visit my mom and my sister during weekends after going to church and have lunch at their house. I wish i have more time so i could bring along my mom when we go to the malls or go out of town.

I am still thinking of what to give to my mom tomorrow but i don't want to give material things. I want to give her something that she will remember for a long time and will always think that eventhough i don't say it often, i really love her very much. My mom is always there for us, me and my sister, and eventhough we fell short of her expectations (she wanted my sister to be a successful entrepreneur and she wanted me to be an engineer) she still helps us in any way she can. Helping us, she feels is not enough so she always prays hard for us. She is really a very lovable person and I thank God for giving her as our mother.

So, what do you think will be the best gift for her? Any suggestions?


Miriam said...

Maybe you can treat your mom (and may include your wife, the better) to a relaxing health spa, a simple lunch (mas maganda if your wife will cook for her may personal touch pa). :)

Don't forget to give you Mom a hug and tell her how much you love her.

Ang mga nanay kasi isang yakap o kiss lang sa pisngi masaya na sila. Napapawi na ang lahat ng pagod at agam-agam sa puso nila.

Happy Mother's Day to your wife and your mom. :)

Lucrecio Emerito said...

      "one of the hardest jobs a woman
       will experience"

Also the most underpaid and unappreciated job.

I think you already have it. Here. Just print this out. Then give it to her.

Jan said...

Out of the ordinary: Treat her to dinner at a good restaurant. Miriam's idea is good - a health spa for your mom. Or a day at the parlor.

The more challenging, difficult one: listening and talking with her. We're bedeviled with many concerns we sometimes take for granted those close to us. Earning a living, raising kids, our own personal issues.

The elderly needs somebody to talk with more than anything else. A timely reassurance that their voice is still valued and sought. Give her time, talking with her and being with her, and settling down to really listen to her.

That's the more significant gift, I think. Less flashy but more meaningful and satisfying.

Anonymous said...

A digital photo frame is what I think what mothers would like to receive.
I gave one to my mom and she was ecstatic because she can view several photos in one frame which she can display to her friends.

lemuel said...

@miriam, thanks for the suggestion. i was planning the spa too because my wife love going there, i don't know how my mom will react though...

@lucrecio, thanks for the suggestion. will do that too.

@jan, yes, listening to her is a challenge.. sometimes it could be forever... she just does not run out of things to say..

@bingkee, digital photo frame, any brand suggestion? average price?

thank you for all your suggestions... we did have lunch together plus i brought her favorite mango and chocolate ice cream

Dee said...

Oh, sorry, my comment's late... :)

But, nonetheless, my suggestion would be a BIG AND WARM HUG. I'm talking from experience, because my son's hug never fails to bring tears of joy in my eyes.