Monday, May 11, 2009

I Hate Political Advertisements

This early when we watch tv or listen to the radio, we would expect political advertisements from personalities who are planning to run for a government position next year. When i see them, i instantly switch channels or turn the tv off. After watching them once and trying to decipher their platforms from their political ads, i am now sure who not to vote next year.

I apologize if this is blunt but i really hate politicians who portray their images on tv as if they are poor or they are the answer to poverty. These commercials really prove that these politicians think majority Filipinos are stupid and would easily be convinced by their antics. Here are a few examples:

1. A politician who talks to poor kids on a bicycle sidecar and decides to help the kid by asking him to go down so he'll be the one to drive the pedicab.

2. A politician who keeps on saying he gave money to abused OFWs so they could go home.

3. A politician who keeps on claiming he is responsible for Makati City's development. Is it obvious that the businesses in Makati was initiated by influencial families and business tycoons who never ran for public office? Is the politician unaware of numerous squatter problems overshadowed by the tall buildings situated in the city?

4. A classic politician who gets photographers to take pictures when he eats using his hands beside the poor and elderly.

5. An incumbent politician showing increase in percentages or numbers claiming the economy is doing better.

6. How about a politician showing his advertisements during the Pacquiao-Hatton boxing fight?

It is sad that the Philippines is still in the Dark Age of politics. We are known as one of the top countries who practice corruption regularly. When can we expect a genuine change? Will the automation of the elections next year help?

As for me, i still don't know who to vote next year. I am hoping for a young politician but i heard the person is still too young. How about Pacquiao? Nahhh, i don't think so. I agree with a lot of sportswriters and analysts. He genuinely cares for the poor but the politicians around him just care for the money. He will just be lured to a lot of temptations until he realizes that he is in too deep to go back. I wish i could have been born earlier to experience the administration of the late Magsaysay, i heard he was great and one of the best the country had as a president.

How about the cost of this political advertisements? Just for a 30-second ad shown on primetime tv costs roughly 2 million. How can these politicians recover their investment? Your guess is as good as mine.


Jan said...

One would think - gumastos na nga for these commercials di pinag ige. These are stereotyped images they are trying to sell the public.

Akala ko ba mga young blood mga iyan. At matatalino din naman, di ba. Tasteless commercials. As if all along they have this idea: e mga bobo naman mga Pinoy, kaunting pakitang gilas lang sa ad sasakay na mga yan.

Tama ka. Mga hunghang iyan mga yan. Same-o, same-o.

Lucrecio Emerito said...

They badly want to win. Mga advice din siguro yan nga mga campaign managers nila or PR managers.

Miriam said...

Pardon my word ha pero 'nakaka-suka' ads nila. Luma na. Jan was right, ginagawa nilang bobo ang voting public. Did u mention yung recent aspiring prexy na nagbigay ng plan or what-to-do list during an emergency/calamity using his initials as acronym. Kung ako nga 'di ako alam ang number ng barangay namin. Care pa ng mga residente sa tabing ilog na pinatutungkulan niya ng mensahe niya.

Dee said...

This is truly a great post, Lemuel!

I don't watch TV nowadays, especially the news, because what's in there somehow just depresses me. It's good to know about these things in your post.

Yeah, things like these make me wonder about the future of this country. Where is the country going to be in the future, I wonder.

Don said...

I think these politicians resort to enterprising ways to win in the elections because ordinary Filipinos also let themselves get carried away by shallow promises and emotional gimmicks; they are partly to blame. I think ordinary Filipinos, like you and me, should start to be discerning when it comes to selecting government leaders and representatives. I've been trying in my own little way too through blogging to inform and encourage more Filipinos on how they can change the electoral process. I think your post is also moving in this direction and that is good news.