Thursday, December 4, 2008

Manny Pacquiao - Oscar dela Hoya Dream Match

Its 3 days to go before the Dream Match between Manny Pacquiao and Oscar dela Hoya. Much has been said and written about the match up and the two boxers. Both have been elevated to Boxing's Hall of Fame recognized by boxing writers and fans all over the world. Its too bad, after the match, one boxer has to win and one has to lose, except if it will be a draw of course.

I have been an Oscar dela Hoya fan for some years now because this guy has so much poise before, during and after a boxing bout. No wonder he is still the number 1 guy in boxing to generate lots of income in one single fight. I kind of expected him to win over Floyd Mayweather Jr. but i guess, Floyd is too classy for him, not to mention Floyd's superb defense.

This time, Oscar will be matched with Pacquiao, probably the best Filipino boxer as of this time. Manny has already surpassed the record of Elorde whom we considered the best since Manny arrived. When Manny got his 4th world division title, which eluded Elorde twice, it is safe to say that Manny has surpassed Elorde's achievement with all due respect to Elorde's family and fans.

I agree that this match is the biggest test of Manny's career. Oscar is 2 weight divisions heavier and has height and reach advantage. He even hired the services of Nacho Beristain, Juan Manuel Marquez's trainer who actually knows Manny's weaknesses given the 2 matches against JMM that was controversial up to this day. Oscar also got the services of the former trainer of Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time. To sum it all, Oscar has all the resources to use in order to win this fight.

How about Manny? Manny's advantage is his heart, speed, power and youth. Manny has Freddie Roach with him who trained Oscar for one bout against Mayweather. This is definitely a big match for him. Win or lose, Filipinos will be very proud of this warrior and will forever remember his name as one of the greatest Pinoy boxer of all time. Hopefully when Manny retires, other Pinoy boxers will follow his footsteps.


MammaDawg said...

Oh my... I've been hearing about this fight all over the blogosphere!

Ronald said...

Hi friend ty for the comment. My thoughts of Pacman's next fight:
He must first fight Mayweather because if would lose against Hatton then there would be a Hatton-Mayweather rematch, so no more Pacman-Mayweather.
But I'm sure He could defeat both fighters whether who comes first hehehe.

jhony etherington said...

well...i think De La Hoya is still the best Fighter...

jhony etherington said...

well..i think De La Hoya is still the best fighter in his class..