Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Gift for Leon

Its 19 days before Christmas and my wife and I haven't begun Christmas gifts shopping. We are trying to save money for the holidays and at the same time managing a newly opened business. Its really difficult if you are only dependent on your salary to spend this Christmas season.

Anyway, one of our priorities is to give a nice gift to my son Leon. We are not looking for an expensive toy, clothes, gadget or shoes but a gift which he can really enjoy. One of our choices is of course a good storybook. Most of his storybooks are old although he still enjoys a number of them. He also needs a few shirts, pants and short pants. He's grown up so fast that most of his clothes are either too short or already tight fit. He also needs a new pair of shoes or sandals. He only has 2 pairs and both of them are used very often. Another good gift is a new ball. He always enjoys playing with balls even when we go to the supermarket or toy stores during weekends.

I am also considering a pet fish for him. He enjoys looking at aquariums when we go to the malls during weekends. He has a heart for animals because he loves dogs, birds, rabbits and even waves hello and goodbyes to fishes.

Its really exciting this Christmas season because this year, Leon will appreciate all the events, lights and decorations more compared when he was just a toddler last year. This year was also his second time to watch the Greenhills Shopping Center Christmas presentation and hopefully we can also watch the fireworks display at the Ayala Center on New Year's eve.



nice blog..

Jeff said...

That is truly exciting. I remember our son when he started to appreciate lights and gifts during Christmas.

As they grow older, we'll discover more exciting things about them. It's fun being a parent.

Lonely Princess said...

Hi Lemuel,

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Appreciate your twin dilemmas, but I'm sure you're doing a reasonably good job!

I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas!