Monday, December 29, 2008

Amateur Photography

Photography has always been one of my interests since i learned how to shoot when i was still in my college days. Too bad, i haven't had the chance to develop my skills either by taking up a course on photography or just by self education. i even don't have my own camera! So, do i have the right to write a blog about photography? Of course i do, this is a blog about my personal interests and who knows? Maybe someday (in the near future, i hope) i'll have my own digital slr.

I had the chance to shoot several photos using my previous employer's camera and since then, i knew what were my favorite subjects. On top of my list are scenes and landscapes. I enjoyed nature when i was in college and this interest was developed when i was employed at Haribon Foundation. I was fortunate enough to be sent once to the United Kingdom and several provinces in the Visayas and Mindanao and these trips provided a lot of practice to my interest.

My UK trip was the best since this was my first time to go abroad and i spent two weeks in a country which is totally different from ours. Although this was a business trip not leisure, i still had a couple of opportunities to shoot around with a digital camera. One of my favorite shots was an old school building in one of the cities located outside London. I didn't got the chance to go to different cities and towns but this school was really a good subject for an amateur photographer like me.

Next favorite shot was taken at Hyde Park located inside London. It was really nice walking inside the park late in the afternoon which was almost deserted because it rained a little. The peacefulness and tranquility of the scene plus the presence of several trees made me realize that i was really very fortunate to be there and appreciate God's blessings.

Another favorite is of course a shot of the famous London Bridge also known as the Tower Bridge. It was really funny when i took the shot because i was alone at that time, without a tour guide and the only help i had was a city map provided free from the city's subway stations. After alighting from the subway, i walked for about 15-20 minutes under a drizzle thinking the walk was worth it because it was my first time to see the bridge. Upon reaching the riverside, i was really surprised to see the famous London Bridge almost a kilometer away! It turned out that i made a wrong turn upon alighting from the subway. Well, i had no choice but to go back and make sure i will be heading at the right direction. After 30 minutes or more, i finally reached the bridge, took a lot of pictures and slowly crossed the bridge (twice) for me to remember the day i experienced crossing the famous London Bridge.


Jan said...

I have always a thing for photography. When I have saved up it's one of the first things I'd buy. My deceased father's wish was for one of his children to take up photography, at the very least as a hobby. That was not meant to be when he was still around to give us his knowledge. It would please him to know I still think of his wishes and plans to actually do it.*sighs*

Tony Chan said...

hi there mate, you are already on my blog list. happy new year to you.

tony (

Maxi said...

It was enjoyable to read the way you took your photographs - like reading a story. As a writer, I liked that. Don't give up your dream.
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Col said...

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