Saturday, March 14, 2009

25 Random Things

I got tagged by Dee to talk about 25 random things about me. Thank you Dee for passing the tag.
Here it is:

1. My name is lemuel but i like people to call me M. I'm not really fond of my name. People usually ask again if they hear my name for the first time.

2. We are only 4 in the family, my dad, my mom, my sister and me. I am the youngest obviously.

3. I love my parents and my sister. My sister is the best one could ever have. She never fails to support me when i need it and never fails to give advice to help.

4. My wife is the eldest among her siblings. i think we got along well because we balance each other.

5. i love technology, gadgets and automobiles. too bad i am not rich to buy what i want. but i guess its better because i won't have any more interest in them if i can buy them whenever i want.

6. i am an animal lover and i love dogs most. i like big dogs than small ones. i once had a golden retriever and he was the one i talked to every night after a break up with a long time girlfriend.

7. i love to travel and i appreciate nature around us. i got addicted once in hiking, mountain climbing and snorkelling that i schedule my trips even during the rainy season.

8. i love to cook. i guess it runs in the family. my sister now has a good business catering to a regular event using several recipes she conceptualized.

9. i love pizza and pasta. i once joined a pizza eating contest and finished 24 big Pizza Hut slices. i lost though.

10. i also love ice cream, i joined a contest too. finished 4 pints of strawberry flavor (i hate this flavor!) i lost too, but still placed third. i swear, my tongue and gums were so numb i could not taste the ice cream.

11. i was in college for 7-8 years... i think. i enjoyed it too much. took courses in my own time. i only panicked when my friends started to graduate.

12. i always enroll P.E subjects first. i love sports. i took these courses eventhough i am exempted from them because i also excelled in my ROTC days (military training)

13. i love sports but i hate dancing. i don't know why... too awkward for me.

14. i also don't sing. i hate hearing my voice when i use the microfone. it's hard here in our country because videoke is one of Filipinos favorite hobbies. parties are not complete without singing and getting high scores.

15. i love basketball but have never been good playing the sport. i really tried. no natural movements for me.

16. i love racket sports. i am a bit good in badminton and table tennis. have little exposure in tennis but i know i would also excel in that sport.

17. i enjoy bowling! it is too addictive and expensive to play here. again, i could have been good if i had good training.

18. i love swimming, but swim slow. have difficulty in breathing. that's why i love snorkelling. you can stay underwater as long as you can hold your breath.

19. i also enjoy running and biking. joined a couple of races before.

20. i love music, rnb, alternative, rock, pop, jazz even classical.

21. i enjoy watching movies. from suspense, horror, comedy, action, cartoons and sometimes love story...

22. i also enjoy reading books. i like dan brown, dean kootz and james patterson. enjoyed harry potter series, haven't tried twilight series yet...

23. i also enjoy watching car races. circuit and drag racing. have been to racing events before. watching car races near the tracks gets your adrenalin pumping!

24. i don't like horse racing... its boring for me.

25. one of my goals is to be good in photography. as i mentioned before, i really enjoy nature and animal life.

Now i am passing this blog to jeff, jen and hahai who have influenced me to start blogging and so far enjoyed every minute doing it.


Reena said...

hi. i hopped from dee. :) it's my first time here.

great timing! the blog is all about you, so now i know a lot about you agad. :)

i like small short-haired dogs. i used to have a big dog, pero parang ang hirap mag-maintain eh...

nice to know you. i'll drop by again soon.

Dee said...

Hi Lemuel. :D

Thanks for doing this tag. It's so great to know more about you.

Galing mo naman, you joined an ice cream and pizza eating contest! Wow!

I can also see that you're really into sports a lot.

I love big dogs too. We used to have a really large German Shepherd which we still miss a lot. We're planning to get a yellow Labrador maybe next time. Hopefully.

Thanks again! :D

Jan said...

Those maybe random things. But they are also candid, intimate, honest and funny at the same time.

I enjoyed the part wherein the dog became your confidante. Did the dog lose its appetite for procreation after you confided your heartbreak to it? :)

You're such a sport and fun loving person. Those 24 pizzas. Ugh. And ice cream numbing your tongue. That's a good one.

I enjoyed this post. Whoever thought I would fell for a list of 25 random things? hahaha.

harri pao said...

Nice to meet you..Thanks for visiting my blog...You've a great blog!! It's also may first time here but I'll visit again....

harri pao said...

Nice to meet you..Thanks for visiting my blog...You've a great blog!! It's also may first time here but I'll visit again....