Friday, January 4, 2008


2007 was as milestone for me and m...

on March 2, Leon Yoseph M. Ponce came into our lives. Leon, from birth 'til now has been so good to us, never a dull moment with him, didn't made it difficult for us to take care of him, always flashes his smile to us and to other people, thus anywhere we go we could hear people's comment that he's cute :)

....breastfeeding is good for the child and fulfilling for the mom :)

M shifted from a (night shift) call center job to a day job as an office employee...a few months after he was offered a marketing job, which until now he is with...all of which are fruitful for him career-wise. While I kept my job in an environmental NGO...still fighting for the environment :)

Leon's presence made a big difference in our lives...there are some things we aren't able to do now because Leon is with us already, like watching movies...last full show...we haven't seen one since I gave birth! but that's ok...spending quality time with Leon and discovering our (me and M) qualities as parents are far more important and exciting to us.

we missed simbang gabi this year...we'll try next year, when Leon is bigger

megamall has been our favorite weekend destination...sbarro still is our favorite food source...we've been addicted to fruit shakes...we had less sodas this year...yipee!

Lola Isabel passed away...but since then, we've been in contact with our relatives from the Ponce side :)

There were situations which taught us lessons...whatever happened, it made us realize who we really are as a person, a partner, a parent, a child, a also made us realize how deep our relationship with our matter what...He'll always be with us :)

Now...we're looking forward to 2008...what it will bring to us individually, as a couple, as parents and as a family...

We know it will be good if not better than long as we are good to ourselves, to others and to the One who brought us here...good stuff will always come our way.

Cheers to 2008!

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