Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bayantel DSL Speed

After 10 months of using Sun Broadband Internet, we finally decided to apply for a Bayantel DSL connection. I figured Sun Broadband will improve their service for months and I was a bit controlling our expenses for internet subscription so I opted for prepaid. Unfortunately, despite Sun's aggressive campaign of getting up to 3.0 mbps internet speed, the best we got ranges from 600-800 kbps during lean hours and 100 kbps on peak hours. We live in Project 4 Quezon City area and I am sure there is a near cell site since Cubao and Eastwood (which are 7-10 minutes drive from us) are prime business locations. Maybe prepaid users are not priorities, but I also have a friend, who uses Sun postpaid but says he also has a crappy connection.

I tested our connection speed at yesterday and today. Yesterday I got 700 kbps during peak hours and today I got 1.03 mbps also on peak hours. Not bad, considering our plan, 999 is the second cheapest. Plan 999 promises 1.0+ mbps on their billboards and advertisements and by the looks of it, they are truthful. Hopefully they will be consistent most especially during peak hours. I was considering to get the 1299 plan but I decided to test the plan 999 first and upgrade later. Seems to me, our current speed is acceptable. The reason we shifted from prepaid to postpaid is my wife is beginning to use the internet more frequently for the past two months. I was the one who started blogging (through my friend's inspiration) but my wife got the hang of it when she started to gain more "mommy" friends online. She has been purchasing prepaid cards everyday and we end up spending Php 1500 a month for prepaid and for a retarded Sun broadband connection. Logically, DSL connection will be cheaper for a low monthly plan. And yes, connection is much better. So there it is, my wife and I are both happy and she can blog as much as she wants (except when my 3-year-old son dominates the pc). Incidentally, if you are a mom blogger or a female, you might want to check up my wife's blog and her friends. Here is the link:

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