Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup 2010 Finals

Its Spain and Netherlands for the World Cup Finals. Both countries are first time finalists to the world cup which makes the finals more exciting for their countrymen. Its so spectacular to watch the world cup which is considered the most famous sport in the whole world and the most anticipated football event just like the Olympics. The Philippines which treats basketball as its most popular sport is beginning to embrace football or soccer as a sport. Unlike basketball where height is a factor to excel, I think with proper training and exposure, the Philippines has a chance to be good at this sport on an international level. A major obstacle for Filipinos to love the sport is the absence of football fields. Football fields are usually found inside private schools and universities where only middle and upper class people can afford to pay for their child's education. Public football fields are located inside city stadiums where usually an entrance fee is collected to play.

Personally, playing football is as fun as playing basketball. I had a chance to play the sport when I was in high school and it was one of my favorites. What makes it exciting is that it is so difficult to score a point or a goal especially when both teams are evenly matched. Once your team scores a goal, it is so exhilarating that it is as if you won the entire match. If time expires and both teams have not scored a goal, each team is given 5 penalty shots to score. A match is now entirely dependent on the goalkeeper and the 5 players to take the penalty shot. Even when it rains, unlike basketball, a game can still go on. Now this is the time where it gets more exciting. Playing on a wet field, with mud splashing on your shirt and even at your face makes it more challenging.

Hopefully Filipinos will get more chances to play football. Asian nations such as Japan and South Korea qualified for the world cup and it is not impossible for Philippines to someday qualify for the world's most famous sport. It is a sport where even third world countries in South Africa excel which means it doesn't mean that it a sport for the rich people. What we need are just makeshift football fields all around the country. It doesn't even have to be a full length field. All it needs is a makeshift goal, a flat ground and 6-8 players to play. Once interest sets in, kids should be taught to play with rules at schools. The more kids that play sports, the more they have interest to go to school and less the chance for them to get hooked on crimes, vices and drugs.