Sunday, February 7, 2010

Goal Setting

Recently, as the head of the sales team at work, I had the chance to talk to my subordinates about visualizing our goals. These goals are set at the end of the year or possible for two years which will help us be reminded everyday that in order to achieve our goals, we have to work hard. I mentioned that besides having goals like paying off our debts, improving our savings, having a good health, we have to make goals which are tangible and can be purchased and seen. These goals should be attainable and realistic given that we will get our commissions every month when we hit our monthly sales target. Here are the goals made by my team:

1. An original and affordable Tag Heuer watch
2. A good laptop, possibly a Mac
3. A Nikon Digital SLR
4. A new car paint
5. Magic Sing Videoke Set
6. A trip to HongKong Disneyland
7. Pay off a land title
8. A good quality mountain bike
9. A nice ref
10. 15 or 16 inch magwheels

These goals may be too simple for some people but to us it will be a big achievement. Hopefully with the right attitude and teamwork, we may be able to pull it off and be one step closer to our end of the year goals. Good luck and God bless to us all.

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