Sunday, January 17, 2010

Promotion at Work

Last Thursday my boss asked to speak with me outside the office. It was the second time we stepped out of the office this month to discuss details about our company's plans for this year. He then handed out a two-page document after saying that he has decided to promote me as a sales supervisor of his company. I was really excited about the promotion as i was reading my new job description and responsibilities. He added that our two office-based sales staff will be directly under me plus another new hired field sales staff. It was really a big step forward since i started more than two years ago as the only sales staff for HRI Marketing.

Last Saturday, our company had our first planning and training seminar and my promotion was officially announced to all our staff. It was overwhelming since everybody clapped their hands and said congratulations to me. My promotion, the company's restructuring, our planning and training and our office' transfer are changes made by my boss this year which was in line to his plans to expand and move things forward for his company this year. He announced his plans and targets for this year and also made a promise that if we hit the target at the end of 2010, he will provide additional benefits and probably a salary increase to staff who performed well.

Salary-wise, it is an improvement, although not a big leap from my present salary, still i am very thankful since every peso counts most especially when my wife will give birth to our second child this April. I really thank God for all the blessings and opportunity He gave to us this year and we hope that this year will be great for us. I would also like to thank my boss for giving me the trust and confidence to do my job well and to lead my co-employees to achieve our company's targets this year.