Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Planning to buy a Laptop

I have started to save because my wife and I are planning to buy a laptop this Christmas. I have been looking for an affordable one with relatively good specifications and availability of parts in case we need them in the future. Among the laptop brands we are considering are the following:

1. Acer
2. Asus
3. Compaq
4. MSI
5. E Machines

We considered the mini laptops before but the processor speed is a bit low and we need to buy an external dvd rom to use in case we want to install programs by using CDs. Plus we love taking pictures and we really need a dependable cd writer.

I am also considering to buy a desktop since the specs are far better than laptops, but being handy and portable is a laptop's advantage so we are still considering to buy a laptop than a desktop. How about a Mac Mini? Is it a good investment?

Laptops and PC are really a necessity nowadays but having one limits my time to my family when I am at home. How about you? How do you balance your time while working, spending time on line and having quality time for your family?

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Yami said...

Hi Lemuel. I've been thinking of saving up for a laptop also pero malamang second hand na lang muna. Yeah having a computer at home really consumes a lot of my time especially nowadays, kaka-blog. huhu