Saturday, April 18, 2009

Waking up in Twitter

I admit, i was not impressed when i first signed up in twitter, for me, its like any other social networking sites out there. I'm not registered in a lot of these sites because i decided i would concentrate on a few sites and maximize its potential. I just decided to try twitter again because of Jan and his numerous posts about twitter.

Indeed twitter will make a newbie like me star-struck. First celebrity i followed was Oprah, then Ashton Kutcher (who i think has the most followers), Ashton's wife Demi (childhood crush) and Lance Armstrong. If you consider John Chow a celebrity, i followed him too.

I have been thinking what will happen or what do i get if i follow these famous people? Other than reading their tweets/posts and getting the latest scoop, i think that's about it. I might learn a thing or too from John Chow, but then again, i am not a techie when it comes to building a blog.

So how can i maximize twitter to promote my blog? That i have to learn. I just hope that twitter is not just another fad that was suddenly famous and after some time, people will learn to hack it and use it for their own selfish interests. The makers of twitter are really impressive that it would be a pity of they can not maintain their success for a long time.


Jan said...

That's nice, lemuel. You should add ordinary people like us. They are more likely to visit your blog and comment on your posts. If you're lucky you may gain more online friends.

When I check my stats, I've got lots of referrals from twitter. Not no. 1 but it's in the top five.

It's only showing some activity because I have now 1K followers. Only a handful of them shows up of course. Like in blog commenters, only 1 percent leaves comments. But we can build on that.

Meaningful interaction with readers like you presently do is still key. Nothing beats the power of word of mouth.

And sometimes those generous souls use Twitter to share their discoveries. Like what I'm going to do now. Not because I'm generous, but simply because I'm a hopeless twitter fanatic. lol.

Dee said...

I haven't visited Twitter for a long time now and I don't have much clue yet as to how it works aside from updating status and following people. You are much better than me and way ahead in Twitter. A lot to learn these days and so little time.:D

Jen said...

Hi M! I have registered w/ twitter early last year, but never got around to using it. Plurk really got my attention. Their interface is so much better, way friendlier and interesting. Not to mention all those karma points! (lol) Just in case you'd like to have a look see -

minnie_madz said...

Do you know that you can also earn money with your twitter account? Try it here:

Well, I haven't earned yet that much, I only got $0.01 since my twitter profile is not that updated :)

You can tweet there each time you have a new entry at your blog, that way, you can inform your followers :)


Anonymous said...

Just like you, I am not yet Twitter, but I have friends like Jan who believes in it so much that I hang around much longer . But let's see, what it can do to my blog stats---I still don't get a stat value from Twitter ---probably because I only have 161 followers.

DiTesco said...

Hi there. First thanks for visiting my blog.

I use Twitter fairly. Would not say I am a fanatic like Jan:) However, there is good potential on Twitter and as an example, I currently receive 8% of my traffic form Twitter. Does not seem much, but as I would say (Jan knows this), every bit counts.

Following celebs is almost a waste of time. Why will you follow Kutcher or Mrs Kutcher if they have nothing of interest to give you? If I want to know more about John Chow, I visit his blog. The popular bloggers, we already know. What I am interested in is those that have the same level and interest as myself.