Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Leon's First Treeplanting Experience

Our son's first tree planting experience was last January 17, Saturday at Caliraya, Laguna. My wife and I are very proud of this achievement because he has already contributed a lot for the environment at a very young age. He participated last year at Haribon Foundation's Million Hectare Walk to help raise funds for the organization's reforestation projects and this year he also participated in planting more than 100 trees at the project site. He joined my wife's officemates and his two cousins in planting native trees to a site near the Caliraya Lake.

Although he was not able to plant tree seedlings himself, he was there to help dig the soil, remove the seedling bag from the plant, put back the soil and water the plant after. It was quite an experience because their group was assigned to plant more than 100 seedlings that were donated last December 2008.

Haribon Foundation has lined up a lot of activities for this year and I am sure this will not be the last time my son will join. I am eagerly waiting for him to grow up a little more for him to appreciate birdwatching activities starting October to February the following year. Art workshops, exhibits and even kite flying activities are also lined up so I guess it will be a good year for him to be exposed to these experiences.

Leon is just turning 2 this March and he has already contributed to conserve our environment and offset our carbon footprint. He is also a regular Haribon Foundation member since his birthday. Hopefully bloggers will also do their part either in joining the activities or just through donations. Bloggers can also help us spread the information by writing on their sites and asking their friends to support environment conservation efforts.

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