Tuesday, July 24, 2007

hahai birthday

hahai's birthday will be this coming friday. i hope we will be able to celebrate. just a simple dinner and walk around the mall will do. hopefully i can still buy her a gift, para may magamit siya na bag while she's with leon.

it is really hard for us right now because leon's yaya went home to her province last sunday. her dad was sick and maybe she's worried because her dad has been sick for a week now, plus of course his old age. hopefully she can come back soon because we really don't want to have a change of yaya for leon para hindi na siya mag aadjust. sana she will be back....

i really admire my wife for taking care of leon and for being so patient with him. its not that mahirap alagaan si leon but i know it takes a lot of patience to take care a 4 month old kid. buit na lang mabait si leon, hindi masyado umiiyak, except pag gutom and sleepy na siya.

hopefully our application for our donut business will be approved this month so we will know soon if the business is profitable. i know we have many plans but we have to expect that making a profit is not an overnight thing. hopefully kahit paano, maka tsamba naman kami. para we will have the funds for an expansion, excited na talaga kami ni hahai.

as for my work, a lot of projects are being assigned to me now and i hope everything will turn out fine. i really need to prove myself here so i'll have more opportunities for growth. hopefully i'll perform what is expected of me para hindi naman sila magsisi sa pagkuha nila sa akin, and of course for salary increase!

well, yun lang muna... can't think of anything else. will go home na, excited na to play with leon.

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